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Feb 23, 2015

1,903 bird species in Columbia

                                                                                      Photo by Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images
(Aulacorhyncus prasinus)
The Emerald Toucanet, above, was photographed by Luis Robayo in a rural area of Cali, western Columbia. Columbia possesses a large biodiversity of species, with 1,903 species, of which over 72 are endemic and almost 200 are migratory.   There are 116 areas in Columbia designated as official conservation areas for birds, covering 11% of the country's territory.   While Columbia has just 0.8% of the earth's surface,  19% of the world's bird species of 10,507 are found in this south american country, bordering the Pacific Ocean.   Peru ranks second in the world with 1,838 species, and Brazil is third with 1,798 species.
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