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Feb 2, 2015

Redpolls finally make an appearance

                                                                                                                            Photos by BarrytheBirder 
Common Redpolls, in the backyard, have been quite noticeable by their absence, so far this winter.   That is until the last day of January, when a gang of them showed up.   Gang is not the correct collective noun for redpolls, however.   The correct collective noun for redpolls is a gallop of redpolls.   I discovered the collective noun for redpolls on Connie Smith's Grandma Pearl's Backporch blog.   Their arrival has made for a new pecking order at the seed feeders.   The ranking is now as follows:

                                            No. 1 - Common Redpoll
                                            No. 2 - Dark-eyed Junco 
                                            No. 3 - American Tree Sparrow
                                            No. 4 - American Goldfinch

The ubiquitous Chick-a-dee is not in the list because it doesn't care who is at the feeders at any given time.   It just dashes in, grabs a seed and dashes away (no hanging around) before any other bird notices it.   Despite all the jockeying for position and the squabbling on the perches, all the birds seem to get their fair share.   And all the species seem quite ready to challenge others of their own kind.   It's all about eating and staying warm, I think, because if you're warm, you're alive.
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