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Feb 18, 2015

Owl stuck in roof rack for 10 miles

Photo by Peter Corns
This young owl went for a 10-mile car ride stuck in the roof rack of a vehicle, before being discovered by the surprised driver who had been driving to work at a car showroom, south of Birmingham.   The driver of the vehicle had left for work work before dawn and upon arriving at his destination and exiting the car he noticed a fluttering.   He and a colleague had to force the stunned owl from under a roof rack bar.   A wildlife sanctuary took the owl and described the owl a being very lucky to survive the ordeal.   The owl has been named Birch for the business park he ended up.   Birch suffered a concussion and a swollen and closed eye, but is expected to make a speedy and complete recovery, after which he will be released back into the wild.   I can only add that "owls well that ends well".
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