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Apr 17, 2012

Tree Swallows prevail at Box 22

Photo by BarrytheBirder

I mentioned two weeks ago that I would be watching Box 22 at Cold Creek Conservation Area to see if the Eastern Bluebirds would prevail at occupying this nesting box.   Bluebirds have enjoyed an unlikely record of success with this box over the years.   While Tree Swallows usually chase bluebirds away from the best nesting box sites, Box 22 has inexplicably been an exception.   But this year, it is the swallows that seem to have prevailed (see photo above).   The Tree Swallows now seem entrenched at Cold Creek.   Whereas I saw 6 bluebirds at Cold Creek  two weeks ago, yesterday I saw none.   The ones I had seen previously have probably retreated into the surrounding woods and brush to occupy less desirable nesting sites.   Such is nature's way.   While failing to see bluebirds, I did spot three Northern Flickers in the short-grass fields and there were thousands of Red Admiral butterflies (see below) everywhere at Cold Creek.   

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