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Apr 21, 2012

Pine Siskin ~ uncommon feeder visitor

Photos by BarrytheBirder
MPine SiskinM
Carduelis pinus
There were four Pine Siskins in among the many goldfinches at the feeders this week.   At first I thought they were female goldfinches with a distinct lack of yellow colour.   They even sounded like goldfinches.   Then I thought they were female House Finches, but they had a wee bit of yellow on the wings and rump.   Then I noticed the thin, sharp bills.   Siskins!   Pine Siskins have shown up rarely at my feeders over the years but they are certainly welcome, any time.   They are highly variable in their ramblings however.   Another welcome visitor on Saturday, which I don't see in my backyard that often, was a Song Sparrow (photo below).   Below that is a fluffy American Tree Sparrow.   They have been around the feeders all winter and are delightful little birds.

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