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Apr 15, 2012

In their 7th week here...

Photo by BarrytheBirder

Brown-headed Cowbird
Molothrus ater

Winter departed so early and spring arrived so quickly that the usually transient cowbirds have stayed at our backyard feeders way beyond their normal time.   They are now into their 7th week of "Occupy King City" and are eating us out of house and home.   They seem so settled here that they are oblivious, when feeding, to all other birds, including the grackles and Blue Jays.   There are as  many as 25 birds at one time.   God forbid they stay around too long and start to breed and lay eggs here.   They could fill every bird nest in the neighbourhood and we would be deluged with cowbirds in no time.   Although the 2012 winter/spring change of season has been like no other in recent memory, I'm sure things will unfold as they should and the cowbirds will adjust; delaying  nesting to a more appropriate time and place.
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