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Apr 20, 2012

Ospreys at Seneca College

Photo by Carmen Schlamb

This terrific photo of an Osprey was taken at Seneca College's King Campus by Seneca's Environmental Coordinator, Carmen Schlamb.   The photo was featured on Nature Canada's website as its Photo of the Month back in March 2008.   Below is a photo I took last year at the same spot, and I think it's interested to compare the nest in the two photos.   The nest above is barely a nest at all, while the one below is well-established.   Seneca has tried to get the Osprey to nest in man-made nesting boxes built for just that purpose and which are located on the shores of Lake Jonda, in the middle of the college's 700-acre property.   The Osprey have always insisted however on occupying the parking lot light standard you see above.   I checked the nest on Wednesday of the week and the Osprey don't seem to have returned yet.   It's only at matter of days, I'm sure, because Osprey have been reported already in April, at other spots in southern Ontario.

Photo by BarrytheBirder

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