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Apr 11, 2012

Newest addition to life-list

Photo by Dominic Sherony

MMCuban AmazonMM
Amazona leucocephala

After quite some time I have increased my bird life-list from 421 to 422 species.   The new bird is the Cuban Amazon, a.k.a. Cuban Parrot, Rose-throated Parrot, or Grand Cayman Amazon.   I saw the bird at Grand Cayman Island on a Caribbean vacation in 1995!   I did not identify it back then.   I was not as keen a birder then, as I am today.   Now, 17 years later, on Easter Monday, I accidently discovered that Grand Cayman Island only has three parrot-type birds.   Two are small, budgie-type, birds: the Monk Parakeet and the Budgerigar.   The third is a medium-sized parrot, about 33 cm or 13" long.   My wife and I saw many of these pretty birds high in the trees above us as we walked up and down the beaches of Grand Cayman's beautiful western shore.   Now, 17 years later, by a ridiculously simple and quick process of elimination, I have a new lifer on my list.   I can only hope it does not take another 17 years to get my next lifer.
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