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Apr 8, 2012

The Darth Vader of birds?

Photos by Barrythebirder

For some reason, Grackles (above) always make me think of Darth Vader...malevolent, aggressive, commanding and darkly disguised.   Then there are the Cowbirds (below) which strike me as Grackle-Wannabees.   They have the colouring but not the overbearing personality.   Both of these birds have been at the feeders for all of March and now into April.   They have been joined regularly by Red-winged Blackbirds and European Starlings.   There is a rather ominous presence when all these mainly black birds are in a horde.

Meanwhile, the American Goldfinches are ambivalent towards all those black birds because they frequent the Niger Seed silo feeders, well-apart from the mixed-seed tray feeders.   The males seem to be a week or two ahead of schedule in switching from their drab winter plumage to their bright summer plumage.   I think it would be interesting to know if an early spring can not only provoke an early migration, but also a premature colour change.   If you happen know to the answer, perhaps you would like to leave a comment.

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