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Apr 2, 2012

BC birds by Hans Klaris

Photos by Hans Klaris
I have recently included several bird photos in my blogs by British Columbia photographer Dave Kemp (   I was introduced to Dave's work by Don Flucker, an old acquaintance from King City, Ontario, who now lives in the Fraser River delta on the west coast.   Last week, I was introduced to a friend of Dave Kemp, named Hans Klaris, who has also shared some bird photos which he took out west.   I have never seen, heard or met these gentleman but here we are digitally sharing a passion for birds and their images.   Hans Klaris's up-close and personal head-shot above of a Sandhill Crane is remarkably intimate.   You can even seen the mud on its beak from its last feeding foray.   Hans informs me that getting very close to these birds, in the wild, is not difficult but can still be unexpectedly hazardous.   Below is a shot of an elegantly-plumed Great Blue Heron which Hans photographed in Beacon Hill Park, in Victoria, B.C.   Hans reports that this bird will do just about anything for some of your fish and chips!

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