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Jan 1, 2017

Cold Creek 2016 songbird nesting boxes update

 Photos by BarrytheBirder
Tree Swallow

 Eastern Bluebird

House Wren

Cold Creek Conservation Area Stewardship Committee member Nigel Hussey has just release his report on the 2016 birdbox program.   The report covers 53 of the 55 boxes and show that the 53 boxes were inhabited by the following bird species:
           House Wrens - 25 
         Tree Swallows - 23
Bluebirds - 2
   Nuthatches - 2
   Chickadees - 1

All birdboxes were cleaned out again in the fall of 2016.   A thorough cleaning out of all boxes in 2015 had no effect on birds re-occupying them in the spring of 2016.   The clean-out did however prevent the over-wintering in the boxes by wasps.
The occupation of boxes 8 and 48 by nuthatches was a first in recent memory.   The two boxes contained many pine needles which are typical of nuthatch use.   Nuthatches typically nest in holes in trees, but both the Red-breasteds and the White breasteds will use boxes occasionally also.

Several boxes were repaired (three got new roofs) replaced, or moved.   A few nests contained unhatched eggs, dead chicks, and one dead adult.   Kudos to Nigel and his helpers for another year of worthwhile bird conservancy.

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