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Jan 8, 2017

Robins galore

 Photo by BarrytheBirder

Photo by John MacTavish / Flickr
Before I became a birder, I knew of only one robin...the American Robin (pictured above).   A few years later I learned of a second robin...the English or European Robin (see at right).   Now, years and years later, I have very recently learned there are approximately 160 robins in the world.   98% of world's robins are located on the other side of the world from me.   They are found in Africa, south-east Asia, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, ...even in the Himalayas.   They are small and come in many colours.

Photo by Tim Collins

I am quite admiring of the Pink Robin, (Petrica rodingaster) pictured at left, a native of southeastern Australia and Tasmania.   Apart from their colourful breasts, the Pink Robin and many multi-coloured passerine relatives, on the other side of the world, are not closely related to either the American or European Robins.
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