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Jan 11, 2017

Dave Kemp bird photos - from Canada's west coast

 Photos by Dave Kemp
My friend Dave Kemp's photographic capture above, of a Northern Harrier (Circus cyaneus), shows an elegant pale gray male as it glides buoyantly and low over the ground, searching for small prey, near the sea.   Below, a container ship is underway along the British Columbia coast.   In the foreground of this photo a Red-tailed Hawk is perched on a post, near the water, while further out, in the middle foreground, a Bald Eagle is perched on the tallest pole.

In the photo above, on the left, an odd couple (a killdeer and a snipe) appear to be enjoying a quiet and relaxed moment together.   In the photo at right, A Great Blue Heron flies over marsh reeds.
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