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Dec 31, 2016

Barred Owl in downtown Sudbury

Close encounter of the feathered kind
One of my neices, April Dawn Gull, recently sent this charming photo she came across of a Barred Owl, taken in Sudbury, Ontario.   Unfortunately, there was no photographer identification for the picture, but he or she deserves praise for the capture of the image and the shot's composition.   How often does one get an owl and a traffic light in the same picture?   The setting appears to be a snowy intersection in the city, at night, with the owl sitting on a porch or veranda railing.   Amazingly, a passing handicap motorized scooter gets into the shot immediately behind the owl.   Sometimes great photos are just taken serendipitously.
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1 comment:

Miranda Sherrington said...

Hello I am the original photographer of this picture. It was an incredible experience :) My name is Miranda Sherrington.