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Mar 19, 2015

White-tailed Eagles hard on each other

Photo: Sylwia Domaradzka / Barcroft Media
White-tailed Eagle
Halieetus albicilla
White-tailed Eagles are seen above fighting over food in mid-air in Poland.   It is common for juvenile eagles to battle in the skies as they compete for scarce food in cold winter temperatures.   White-tails are native to Poland where they are a protected species and their numbers are rising steadily.   However, brutal battles in the air are the main cause of death for the protected and magnificent birds.   They are native across the arctic (including parts of Alaska, Greenland and Iceland) and widely over the temperate parts of the old world. 
                                                              Photo by Mike Watson
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Ian Keith Anderson said...

I have a nice painting of one of these sea eagles done in the UK, where it is a rare but welcome visitor to remote rocky coasts.