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Mar 1, 2015

Third installment of Dave Kemp's B.C. birds

All photos by Dave Kemp
Ring-necked Duck
(Aythya collaris)
Both male (above) and female (below) Ring-necked Ducks have been nicely captured by photographer Dave Kemp, from Richmond, British Columbia.   The plethora of  migrating birds showing up in the lower mainland of B.C. is very early and Dave is happily challenged each morning deciding where to go birding, because of the early season abundance. 

In his recent email to me, Dave
Kemp said he was surprised to see a Great Gray Owl at the Riefel Bird Sanctuary, at the mouth of the Fraser River.
The bird has been in attendance
for most of February and although it is a year-around resident of most of British Columbia, it is uncommon on the Pacific coast. I greatly admire the shot above of this beautiful bird.

All photos by Dave Kemp
And finally a very pretty picture of an American Kestrel.   The American Kestrel usually spends its winters in the U.S. and Mexico, but some of the western North American population does over-winter near the Washington state / British Columbia border, before moving north to the breeding grounds of the B.C. interior, the Yukon and Alaska.  
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