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Mar 16, 2015

Restoring the species...

Photo by BarrytheBirder
Trumpeter Swan
Cygnus buccinator
Here's what the Royal Ontario Museum Field Guide to Birds of Ontario has to say in the lead-in to its species account of the Trumpeter Swan: "The Trumpeter Swan was extirpated from Ontario during the 1880s.   However, since the 1980s, efforts to restore the species have had some success.   Reintroduction programs typically use captive birds to foster Trumpeter cygnets to independence".   Such is the case with the bird above.   I took this photograph this morning on a private pond in the hamlet of Glenville, in northern King Township.   The reintroduction effort has been going on there for a few years and seems to be meeting with success, although I have yet to confirm that with the property owners.   The status of this bird in Ontario, at the start of this century was described as: "...rare introduced breeder...rare migrant".   the evidence seems to be that species is moving past that scant status and the re-introducing efforts are definitely successful.   How widespread the success is still being determined, I believe.
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