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Mar 27, 2015

Blame it on Harry Potter...

Photo by Casey Christie / AP
Philip Hoare, writing in England's Guardian newspaper, reports that next month Londoners will be able to pay 20 pounds to sip cocktails in the presence of six unusual Soho barflies: Barn Owls.   The film versions of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels started the modern fad for Barn Owls, with inevitably disastrous results.   The Potter franchises created a boom in would be Hedwigs, all too soon abandoned to the care of bird sanctuaries.   It speaks to selfish needs for animals to behave for human benefit.   To become adjuncts to the human world rather than existing in their own.   The London owl nights do have an excellent underlying purpose.   They've been organized to raise money for the conservation of owls.   That humans can only experience intrinsically beautiful animals as entertainment speaks to a desperate disconnection from the natural world.   Is this then what is has come to?   Indeed sad.
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