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Jun 27, 2011

Today's colour is yellow

50 acres of maturing mustard, south of Kettleby, Ontario
Summer goldfinches at the feeders
Yellow (but not so mellow) mailbox on Jane Street in King Township
Ozark Sundrops in our backyard garden

MM"...And the yellow god forever gazes down".MM
                                                                                               - J.Milton Hayes 1884-1940
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effie kadoglou said...

i think they are Greece gold finches we name the ones that have red color around their face and head.they are brownish on the body and have yellow stripes on the wings.they sing beautifully and we name them carderines[plural]carderina singular.maybe in Canada you name those lovely creatures gold finches because of their color.they have much yellow color and remind me of green finches which are of course.