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Jun 7, 2011

Early evening at Cold Creek

The top photo shows a Painted Turtle laying her eggs at the side of the main road in Cold Creek Conservation Area.   She had moistened the gravel somehow and dug a shallow nest before lowering her rear end into the wet soil and beginning the egg-laying.   In the second photo, a mink is seen on the small island in the main Cold Creek pond.   He swam to the mainland and disappeared into long grass.   Moments later a second mink appeared on the island but retreated under some longs when it spotted me.   Meanwhile, above us all, several skeins of Canada Geese flew over.   I estimated about 200 geese in flight of which four chose to drop in to the Cold Creek Pond.   They landed but saw me and lifted into the air to rejoin the  flocks that had moved on.   It seems they were unable to catch the others and they returned to the pond but on the other side of the small island, where they were unseen by me and I was unseen by them.   They started a loud conservation and I decided it was time to end tonight's ramble and headed for home.  
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Photos by BarrytheBirder

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