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Jun 4, 2011

Distracting King Township street names

BarrytheBirder Photos
These are a few of the King Township road signs I see regularly on my bird-watching rounds.  I can offer explanations of their name origions for all but the first one.   The second one  (Fog Rd.) was named for a  longtime, Province of Ontario Queen's Printer, Frank Fog.   The third and fourth signs (Rebellion Way and Little Rebel Rd.) refer to William Lyon MacKenzie's unsuccessful revolt against British colonial rule in Upper Canada in 1837.   The fifth sign is in the Holland Marsh and refers to part of the infrastructure to support the world-famous canal system that enables the "Salad Bowl of Ontario".   The sixth photo is of a new and temporary sign in a new housing development in the village of King City and refers to a massive, monumental sculpture created by world-renown sculptor, Richard Serra, in a nearby cornfield.   The seventh and eighth pictures are also from the Holland Marsh and affectionately pay homage to former Dutch Queens Wilhelmina and her daughter, Juliana.   Unfortunately, Wilhelmina's name has been misspelled.   Last is Bird's Lane.   I include it for no other reason than this blogspot is supposed to be about birds.
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