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Jun 9, 2011

Stallion refuses photo-op

I drove about in hot and humid, 32-degree weather today looking for birds, but with little luck.   As I drove up King Township's 8th  Concession, I spotted this handsome fellow and quickly took his picture.   I got out of the truck and called him over to the fence.   He trotted over and I politely asked him for a close-up, explaining than I greatly admired his trendy cropped mane.   His reaction to my request is pictured below.   He whirled about and raced across his paddock, threw himself on the ground and rolled about, then regained his feet, threw his head back and gave me another horse-laugh.    As if that wasn't enough, he raced around his paddock again.   I nicknamed him "Hot Stuff", on the spot, then climbed back into my air-conditioned Jeep and headed up to Pottageville.   
  Please comment if you wish.                                                                                 Photos by BarrytheBirder

1 comment:

Bigwom said...

Hot stuff does look silly.