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Jun 12, 2011

Egg-laying time for turtles

MMMCommon Snapping TurtleMMM
Cheldra serpentina
I felt obliged to move this Snapping Turtle to the edge of the road on KingTownship's 18th Sideroad,  for fear that it might be run over in the approaching twilight.   I believed it to be a female as there was fresh evidence of a recent nest-digging on the opposite side of the road.   I moved her to the side she was pointed towards.   She seemed to be stalled, maybe tired from the egg-laying process.   She certainly roused herself when I touched her and was ready to take a chunk out of me, given the chance.   The word serpentina in this turtle's Latin name refers to its abililty to move its head quickly about, like a snake, which one discovers if one tries to pick up a Snapping Turtle.  This lady 'snapper' was about 25 cm.   They will go to great lengths to find sandy soil for their egg-laying and the shoulders of gravel roads, while hazardous, are often chosen.   Please comment if you wish.

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effie kadoglou said...

hello Canadians from are you?now the weather is fine all is fine.i admired the turtle Barry since i have myself 2 little redear sliders.i think they are unhappy now.they are 3 and a half years old at least and they like to go for a walk with me.maybe they want to be in the nature but how to trust them?when i leave them alone not having to do something then i feel their distress.they like so much to walk.when we see a turtle in the wild is always alone but mine are mud turtles and they gather together,many of them.ah,never buy pets. now i learned my lesson and it is too late.what to do with them to be happy?regards.