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Feb 28, 2011

Wyndsong Farm

Not a pleasant day today: right on the freezing mark, rain and wind.   At least there was lots of food for the horse and cow, two sheep, three ponies and three cats in front of the barn at Wyndsong Farm, just north of Eversley in King Township (click on the photo to enlarge - the cats are each side of the barn doors).   The old barn was once a Presbyterian church, located two sideroads down and one concession east, at Temperanceville.   Before Temperanceville took on its anti-alcohol name (1877), it was known as Love's Corner.   Love's Corner was named for an early settler, Jimmy Love, who was a shoemaker, weaver, charcoal-maker, and total abstainer.   He and his wife and three children settled in King in 1804.   Please comment if you wish.