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Feb 18, 2011

Baffling bird boxes at Cold Creek

Nigel Hussey of Nobleton, a member of the Cold Creek Stewardship Committee, took advantage of the short February thaw yesterday, to get a headstart on Wood Duck  nesting box maintenance.   Nigel was attaching baffles to a number of the poles, to which boxes are attached and the big smile is typical of the enthusiasm he brings to his volunteer work.   I was on my daily outing and came across Nigel near the main pond at Cold Creek.   I hung around to shoot these pictures and give Nigel a bit of hand, at a couple of boxes.   I was responsible for the bird box trail for a couple of years but Nigel has taken over the job and has made a number of improvements to the layout.   Well done, my friend, and best wishes for the upcoming nesting season.  
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