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Feb 22, 2011

A weatherman's art

"Great Grey" painting by Phil Chadwick
As mentioned in a few early posts, I have been on the look-out this winter for Great Grey Owls and Snowy Owls.   It's looking more and more unlikely that I will not see either one, so I'll have to content myself , every once in a while, with a peek at this fine painting of a Great Grey, by old acquaintance, Phil Chadwick.   On his website, former Environment Canada weatherman, Phil, notes that the Great Grey Owl is one of the world's largest owl, and is often referred to as the 'Great Grey Ghost' or 'Phantom of the North', neither of which I had heard before.   Phil goes on to say that it is one of the most reclusive owls in North America and because of its secretive habits is rarely seen and little-known.   From my own up-close experience, they are not particularily timid around humans, and birdwatchers and photographers can get good looks and pictures once they have been spotted.   Phil Chadwick is a 'plein air' painter and quite prolific.   Admirers of the French impressionists or the Group of the 7 will stirred by Phil's bold but thoughtful brush strokes.   You can check out his talent by visiting him at
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