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Feb 21, 2011

Signs of community

My morning search for birds in the countryside today was interrupted by this sign on a sideroad, lined with country estates.   I try not to judge people, sight unseen, but am willing to make an exception in this case.   The posting of this sign makes its author knowingly complicit in the grisly death, by KILLER GUARD DOGS, of some poor fool who might unwittingly set foot here.   To give some ligitimacy to such a bloody end-of-life is the warning that the killer dogs would only be doing what police have trained them to do, ie. tear you from limb to to limb.   My wife, Linda, is of the opinion that people like this have placed themselves in prison camps of their own making.
Further along on my return from birdwatching, I drove past this King Township sign which appears in several locations around the township.   On its website, King Township states " ...King is known throughout North America and the world for its many horse farms.   Horses of all statures and breeds are a common sight on grassy slopes and along our country roads.   King's unique geography provides the required environment to raise horses that have gained distinction all over the world."    Well, that's certainly positive, and inspiring of civic pride.
Moving on, I noticed the Puck's Farm sign and really started to feel good as I remembered all the nice times there with my children and grandchildren.   Then I turned a corner on the King-Caledon Townline and spied a sign which, at the very bottom, declared Caledon to be the "GREENEST TOWN IN ONTARIO".   We are adjoining municipalities, so maybe some of that green Caledon Karma rubs off on us.
Finally, I passed this sign of disappointment and regret.   It meant that the locals would have to hike into Schomberg for their eggs, but it reminded me of the good ol' days when signs about local produce were numerous and promising...of good food and a chat.   Today, I let some roadside signs get to me, for better and worse.   The good definitely out-weighed the bad, I'm happy to say.   Please comment if you wish.
BtheB                                                                                Photos by BarrytheBirder

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