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May 25, 2017

Whitney Awards for Nature Conservation 2017

All Photos by Pete Oxford / Minden Pictures / Alamy

One of the finalists in the 2017 Whitley Awards for Nature Conservation is scientist and vet Alexander Blanco.   He is seen here preparing to to trap a recently fledged, seven-month-old wild Harpy Eagle.   He has worked with Harpy Eagles since 1996, in Venezuela, Brazil and Ecuador.   Blanco is the president of the Esfera Foundation in his native Venezuela and heads a program to protect the Harpy species.

Harpy Eagles are now rare in many parts of their historic range, notably because of massive deforestation.   The seven-month-old fledgling in these pictures has been fitted with a GPS in Ecuador.   With the Whitley award, Blanco hopes to protect a greater number of Harpy nest sites with citizens guardians, plus limiting deforestation through support of shade-grown coffee livelihoods and through forest reforestation.
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