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May 4, 2017

Backyard birds ignoring cold spring at the feeders

 Our backyard Goldfinches have finally taken on their spring colours, despite the cold spring weather that is keeping many of us in our warm jackets.   The beautiful bright yellow colour of the male Goldfinches does brighten our spirits a little.   Even the slightly warmer colour tones of the female helps us to turn our backs on the chilly winds.    Then, of course, there is also their squeaking, one-note chatter to distract us.   At the same time, the Chipping Sparrows that arrived last spring and stayed with us all year, for the first time,and then over-wintered with us, seem like they may stay with us permanently.   That would be nice because they are such pretty little birds.   The one I photographed, (see above, left) is in its accentuated breeding plumage. 

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