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May 25, 2017

Gannets and plastic waste...

Photo by Kajsa Sjolander
90% of seabirds have ingested plastic
Plastic waste and gannets are pictured above at Bass Rock in Scotland.   A Greenpeace research expedition has found high levels of plastic pollution on Rock Island in the Firth of Forth, home to the world's largest colony of Northern Gannets.   Studies have shown that 90% of seabirds have ingested plastic.   Some have been entrapped by plastic fish lines or netting (see photo below), which often ends in their deaths.   The plastic problem is a worldwide travesty of ocean husbandry.   One patch of floating plastic garbage found in the Pacific Ocean is estimated to be twice the size of Texas!   

Photo: Sam Hobson
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zz said...

So sad how we humans are polluting our environment and causing such tragedies.