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Sep 24, 2016

List of endangered bird species in Canada

                                                                                                        Burrowing Owl photo: Mongo
25 endangered bird species in Canada
The Canadian government has a list of animal and plant species officially recognized as 'extinct, extirpated, endangered, threatened and of special concern'.   The largest category, and the one of most urgency is the 'endangered' one.   The 25 species are listed as follows:

Henslow's Sparrow ~ Burrowing Owl ~ Greater Sage Grouse (urophasianus subspecies) ~ Piping Plover (circumcinctus subspecies) ~ Piping Plover (melodus subspecies) ~ Mountain Plover ~ Northern Bobwhite ~ Kirtland's Warbler ~ Acadian Flycatcher ~ Horned Lark (strigata species) ~ Whooping Crane ~ Yellow-breasted Chat / British Columbia population (auracollis subspecies) Loggerhaed Shrike (migrans subspecies) ~ Red Crossbill (percna subspecies) ~ Western Screech Owl (macfarlanei  subspecies) ~ Eskino Curlew ~ Sage Thrasher ~ White-headed Woodpecker ~ Vesper Sparrow (affinis subspecies) ~ Prothonotary Warbler ~ King Rail ~ Williamson's Sapsucker ~ Roseate Tern ~ Spotted Owl (caurina subspecies) and the Barn Owl.

Moreover, the 'Threatened' category includes 12 species and the 'Special Concern' category includes 16 species.   

It is quite sobering to realize that Canada's 25 most endangered bird species are officially more threatened than the Panda Bear, which has just been lowered from endangered to threatened, by IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) designations.   Fortunately, for the Panda, its world-wide high-profile status has meant vast amounts of money and effort have been expended on its survival.

Will our birds be as fortunate?

All endangered breeds need to be conserved as
an insurance against unknown circumstances.
                                                                                          -- Lawrence Alderson, Rare Breeds

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