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Sep 27, 2016

I saw a Fairy Bluebird yesterday...

                                                                                              Photo by Joshua James Reppert /
...but I can't add it to my life list.
The reason is because I did not see it in the wild.   To do that I would have had to be in south-east Asia or the Philippines.   No, I saw it in Canada, in the Indomalaya Pavilion of the Toronto Zoo.   I was there with my wife and the two eldest of my grandsons.   It was a day-off from school, for the boys, and we ended up being at the zoo for five hours.   There are many birds throughout the indoor pavilions at the huge zoo, and the Fairy Bluebird especially caught my eye.   Many zoo-goers are photographers and the birds are favourite subjects for the nature shutterbugs.   The boys loved their day and so did their grandparents.
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