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Sep 26, 2016

Goldfinches flock back

 Photos by Barry Wallace

From 2 or 3 a day, to over 80, in one week!
After just two or three Goldfinches per day through most of July and August, the tables have suddenly turned.   For the past week we have had 50 to 80 Goldfinches each day.   We are delighted, of course, but still unsure how these events came to pass.   It was an early and extraordinarily warm summer which may have advanced plant and seed growth keeping the goldfinches in the countryside.   Now, maybe that supply of seeds has been eaten out and the goldfinches have had to come back to the garden feeders.   Perhaps global warming has created a cause and effect.   Whatever the reason, we are pleased and hope they stay all winter.   Several neighbours confirm that they too had very few goldfinches throughout the summer.
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