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Apr 29, 2015

Turkey Vulture checks out Schomberg birdhouse

Photo by John Bradbury
Turkey Vulture visits backyard birdhouse
My Schomberg birding friends, John and Babs Bradbury, had a surprise visitor this week at one of their birdhouses.   A huge Turkey Vulture boldly perched atop a birdhouse normally reserved for much smaller garden-variety songbirds.   John was in such a rush to get a photo of the remarkable vulture visit, that he did not take the time to dig out his Nikon, but chose instead to grab a photo, using his phone, and at a distance: hence the poor focus.   The moment was captured however, and John and Babs can show the photo, as proof, to possible skeptics.   I told John we once had a male Ring-necked Pheasant, in all his glory, perched atop a very small seed feeder in our backyard.   Sadly, I did not get a photo, but my wife Linda and I were very suitably impressed with its bravado.   Babs and John are very talented painter, by the way, and readers of this blog may see some of their charming work at
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