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Apr 10, 2015

Live hummingbird discovered in bouquet of flowers

Young Anna's Hummingbirds ~ photo by Dave Kemp
A woman  in Victoria, British Columbia, received a birthday bouquet of Easter flowers from her sister and was shocked to find a baby Anna's Hummingbird trapped in the bouquet with its feet stuck to the tape on the packaging.   The tiny bird was untangled from the tape but did not fly away.   Thinking the young hummer was probably cold and hungry, Nancy Packard filled a feeder with a nectar-like liquid, but the hummingbird was uninterested  and remained still.   It became more animated as it warmed up but still would not eat.   The local SPCA was contacted and the hummingbird was delivered to the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre.   Staff there began feeding it with a syringe.   Within days, the tiny bird, only a few weeks old, was feeding on its own.   Florist shop owner Steven Meier said a tiny bird's nest was found under some of the shop's decorating greenery and the tiny bird may have spent a few days in the shop's cooler.   The bird's metabolism may have been lowered by the cooler which allowed it to survive.   The plan is to keep the young Anna's Hummingbird for a few weeks until it matures, at which time it will be released into the wild. 
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