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Apr 12, 2015

Black flamingo may be only one in the world

Photo: Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre

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An extremely rare black flamingo has been spotted on Cyprus.   The Flamingo is thought to be afflicted with a genetic condition called melanism.   Excess melanin pigment turns the bird black, rather than pink.   A black flamingo has also been seen in Israel, so it may be that both birds are one and the same, or there are in fact two birds.   It is such a rarity that expects said it it may be the same bird that was spotted in Israel in 2014.   The sighting in Cyprus occurred during a bird count in the vast salt lake near the Akrotiri Environmental Centre on the south coast of the island nation.   The black flamingo appears to to be the only one of its kind in a flock of 20,000 greater flamingos that descend on the salt lake each year.
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