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Jan 30, 2015

Barn pigeons turn out to be wedding doves

Photos by BarrytheBirder
While driving on Dufferin Street yesterday, south of King City, I noticed a flock of pigeons circling over a roadside barn.   This would be a fairly common sight in many places here and about, but this flock of pigeons were all white.   I pulled over and took a couple of photos and then noticed two folks near the barn.   I drove in and said hello and commented on the white pigeons flying overhead.   The woman said they were wedding doves.   I was momentarily puzzled and then suddenly realized that these were not wild pigeons, but a flock of white doves that are released at wedding ceremonies, as part of the nuptial proceedings.   Any flock of soaring and swooping pigeons is remarkable but I have to say when all the pigeons ( pardon me - doves) are bright white, it is a very impressive display.   The pleasant young woman said that it was feeding time and her doves were stretching their wings while waiting for she and her partner to serve them lunch.   
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