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Jan 17, 2015

Pectoral Sandpiper has stamina to spare

Photo by Wolfgang Forstmeier/PA
A male sandpiper is seen trying to make an impression on nearby females.   Chasing the ladies around the clock can take a toll, unless you are a highly sex-driven male Pectoral Sandpiper (Caladris melanotos).   The birds avoid sleeping for weeks at a time so as not to miss out on mating opportunities.   And, spending the mating season and summer in the arctic tundras of north-east Siberia and Canada and Alaska does not seem to cool their ardor.   Researchers have found that the birds spend up to 95 percent of their time awake but seemingly suffer no ill effects.   I must say this behaviour makes me think way back and I become vaguely reminiscent... but certainly no need to go into that here.
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