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Dec 22, 2010

Beyond the eclipse...

No moon, no man.
Late 19th century proverb

The evening sky was clouded over the night before last, in my neck of the woods.   While I wanted to take a photo of the lunar eclipse, it was not be.   24 hours later, I looked out my window and saw what you see above.   I snatched up my camera and ran out into the cold.   I captured an image that the entire modern world could see for the very first time: a photo of the moon, the day after a lunar eclipse.   Sure, there are now a million shots of an eclipsed red moon floating around out there (boring), but how many earthlings thought to get a shot of the celestial aftermath?   An event of this magnitude must be shared and as my generosity knows no bounds, I wish to say that this picture is available to the world, at no charge, and you may do with it as you will.   Well, I suppose I should also do the right thing and get an email off to The Smithsonian.
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