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Dec 21, 2010

At the feeder...

Starling (Turdus vulgaris)                                                                     Photos by BarrytheBirder  
Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurnus carolinensis). Usually gray but often
 seen as black (a melanistic colour phase).

The cold weather seemed to take its own sweet time getting here this winter but now it has settled in with a vengeance.   It got down to -25C wind-chill one day in mid-December and the bird feeders have to be topped up daily or all hell breaks loose.   It happens easily enough when there are more than 100 birds at one time squabbling for the last few seeds.
Here's what we've seen so far with the bird name first, followed by the most-seen number, at one time:
 American Goldfinches ~ 61
Dark-eyed Juncos ~ 34
American Trees Sparrows ~ 22
Mourning Doves ~ 19
House Finches ~   4
House Sparrows ~   4
Chickadees ~   3
Red-breasted Huthatches ~   2
Blue Jays ~   2
Cardinals ~   2
European Starling ~   1
Cooper's Hawk ~   1
Downey Woodpecker ~   1
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