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Dec 13, 2010

Antique photo for online card

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My wife Linda and I decided to send a personal online message to friends and family this Christmas.   We've never done this before.   We illustrated the message with the old family photo that you see here.   Linda's Grandfather Glass is the gentleman standing and a great aunt and uncle, his siblings, are seated in a one-horse open sleigh with jingle bells. The idea of an old, old photograph being sent out electronically has a certain spanning-the-generations appeal.   An old winter tradition is seen once again, to be shared instantly across the country and beyond.   I love this photo and what it captures: an old winter-time family outing.   I rode behind a few teams of horses, long ago as a child, when visiting my grandfather's farm, especially at haying and harvesting time.   I even got to drive the horses with a manure spreader in tow!   I've never ridden in a one-horse open sleigh with jingle bells, but I imagine that for anyone who has, the sound of those singing bells is forever in their memory.
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