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Aug 2, 2017

The Curlew ~ Europe's largest wader: "Near Threatened"

Photo: Thomas Hanahoe/Alamy Stock Photo
Population down 64% since 1970 reports there is particular concern among conservationists for the Curlew, the largest wading bird in Europe, which has seen a decline in population of 64% from 1970 to 2014 in the UK, largely due to habitat loss.   27% of the global Curlew population is in the UK, and because of its 'near threatened' global status, a research plan has been established to help understand the causes of the bird's decline.   "Curlews are instantly recognizable on winter estuaries and summer moors by their striking long, curved beaks, long legs and evocative call", said Dr. Daniel Hayhow, conservation scientist at the RSPB.   "They are one of our most charismatic birds and one of our most important".
These days, I constantly read of many bird species in the same predicament, but I also read of other species of birds that are moving into and taking over new habitats.   Does this mean that in the future there will be a net loss of species overall, but bigger populations of fewer species?   Time will tell, but it does seem to be a looming threat of extinction for certain creatures.
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