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Nov 3, 2016

Planet Earth II set to premiere

 Photo: BBC
Flamingos are seen above in one of a chain of salt lakes, found at more 12,000 ft. in the Andes, which provides a safe refuge for flamingo colonies, where they select mates and breed.   In the photo below, Sand Grouse take to the wing to avoid being trampled by fighting oryx or gemsbok, at a water-hole in a Namibian nature reserve.   The Sand Grouse may have flown for 60 miles to get to this water, but must wait until the oryx have left, before they can drink in peace.   Both scenes are from Planet Earth II, a spectacular sequel to the groundbreaking appearance of the original Planet Earth television series of 10 years ago.  

Photo: Barrie Britton / BBC NHU

Sir David Attenborough reprises his role 
as the distinguished host for the new series.

Photo: Sarah Dunn / BBC

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