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Nov 22, 2016

International Centre for Birds of Prey in Gloucestershire

Photos by Dan Kitwood / Getty Images
75 species cared for in centre at Newent
Photographer Dan Kitwood captures a one-year-old Andean Condor, named Moccas, attempting to take flight in central England, near the Welsh border.   Below, Moccas shares a hug with staffer Holly Cale.   Sharing such close contact with a condor is rare because of its size and powerful beak.   In the third photo, Moccas shrouds Holly with his 10-foot wingspan.   Condors are the world's largest flying birds and are endangered in the wild, in their native South America.

For more more photos and information on the hawks, eagles, falcons and other birds of prey, visit the ICBP website.   As well as treating injured wild birds, the centre focuses on breeding and conservation.

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