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Jul 13, 2015

The Bee-eater and the bat

Photo by Shuki Cheled / Rex Shutterstock
This European Bee-eater in Nahala, Isreal, has captured a bat but it would surely appear that the bat is much too large to be swallowed by the bird.   European Bee-eaters of course eat bees and sometimes dragonflies.   The bee-eater pictured above can be as long as 30 cms., but I don't believe it could swallow anything as large as the bat pictured.   At most, it might be able to dissect the bat, in part, and consume some of the creature.   Or perhaps it could share its catch with its partner or other bee-eaters.   The bat in the picture looks lifeless, so perhaps the bee-eater pummeled it into lifelessness, as it does with bees to protect from dangerous stings.
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