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Jul 11, 2015

National Geographic's PROOF

Images photographed and created by Cheryl Medow

Great Blue Heron with Chicks
Balancing on a branch, the Great Blue Heron was photographed at the Venice Rookery in Venice, Florida, along with the chicks in a nest.   The background was photographed in Big Fork, Montana.

Grey Crowned Herons
Each Grey Crowned Heron was photographed on an Acacia Tree near Richards Camp in Masai Mara, Kenya.   Mount Kenya was photographed from a Cessna.

PROOF: The stories behind the photographs
Proof is National Geographic's online photography journal.   It showcases the voices of National Geographic photographers and editors to offer behind-the-scenes look at the visual storytelling process, as in the ethereal, multi-imaged, Cheryl Medow photographs above. Proof also features work from emerging photographers, books, galleries and portfolios from across the web.   Its aim is to present an ongoing conversation about photography, art, journalism, and the people who create it.   To see more of Cheryl Medow's sublime bird portraits, go to Google, type in national geographic, go to Photography, and click on Birds, Reimagined.   The thoughts behind Medow's expressive, composite photos is described in detail.
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