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Jul 12, 2015

Loon continues to lead national bird voting

Photo of Ron Sadler carving by Barry Wallace
Voting in the Canadian Geographic Magazine and Royal Canadian Geographical Society's search for a Canadian national bird continues.   Latest tallies of the top five birds, chosen from a list of the 50 most popular choices are as follows:

                    Common Loon - 8,099
                    Snowy Owl         - 6,150
                    Gray Jay              - 5,760
                    Canada Goose   - 2,408
                    Chickadee           - 2,131

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society goal is help designate an official bird for Canada by 2017, the country's sesquicentennial.   Anyone can vote for one of the more than 450 bird species in Canada by going to the National Bird Project website. 

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