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May 18, 2015

What do baby chickadees look like?

My British Columbia friend Dave Kemp e-mailed me a photo he took of baby chickadees on the weekend, but although I could see the photo, I could not download it (I remain a luddite).   I realized  that not only had I never seen a baby chickadee before, I had not even seen a photo of one.   I Googled baby chickadee photos and found hundreds and thousands of baby chickadee photos, which made me think: Barry, why would you want to put baby chickadee photos in your blog when people everywhere can go online and see such photos for themselves?   I was about to reject the idea completely when I stumbled upon the photos you see here.   Not only did they show what chickadee nestlings looked like, but the photos were quite charming and there was a bit of a story attached.   These photos appeared in a recent blog called EN TEQUILA ES VERDAD which I believe, freely translated means IN TEQUILA IS TRUTH.   The blog is penned by Dana Hunter and the photos were supplied to her by a friend identified as RQ.   The blog originates from the USA Pacific Northwest.   Six baby chickadees had somehow fallen from their nest, after which two were run over on a driveway.   There seemed to be no way of finding their nest or returning the remaining four bird babies to it, so other measures to save them had to be found.   Word was sent out for help, but the blog doesn't have follow-up information yet.   Here's hoping it has a happy ending.   In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photos that appeared in the EN TEQUILA ES VERDAD blogsite.

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