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May 20, 2015

One in four Brits say dodos are not extinct!

Photo display by BazzaDaRambler / Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Raphus cucullatus
The WWF-UK (World wildlife Fund - United Kingdom) has asked Britons about the state of the world's wildlife.   One of the study's statistics published recently said that one in four Britons said dodos are alive and exist in far-off island forests.   The disturbing perception of threats to the earth's vanishing animals is to be found in a new poll commissioned by WWF-UK and released on May 15 (Endangered Species Day).   Wildlife populations around the world have shrunk by 52% over the last four decades.   Endangered Species Day has wide support from many conservation groups to inform the public about the need to protect threatened species.   While the knowledge of species status is surprising in some of the results, there is strong groundswell of support for species conservation.   A spokesperson for WWF-UK "...there is an appetite in Britain to learn more about the state of the planet and its incredible wildlife...yet the results also show that we need to do more to help people feel empowered to protect our precious species."   The last reported sighting of the flightless dodo was in 1662 on a small islet off Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.   Also in the past few days, there have been press reports of strong scientific speculation on the possibility that dodos may be genetically recreated.
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