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Nov 5, 2012

Trumpeters at Marylake

Photo by BarrytheBirder
Many of King Township's ponds and lakes, of a certain size, are visited by migrating Trumpeter Swans at this time of year.   This family of six were settled in on Marylake, just north of King City this past weekend.   The four young birds still have their juvenile buff colouring.   I would have loved to get closer to these magnificent birds but they had chosen to station themselves at the most remote corner of the lake.   You would think they had done it deliberately.   Trumpeters are the 'come-back' swans in Ontario after having been extirpated during the 1880s.   Efforts to re-introduce them in the 1980s continue to appear successful.   According to Wikipedia, the Trumpeter Swan is the heaviest bird native to North America and is, on average, the largest extant waterfowl species on earth.
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Anonymous said...

conservation efforts paying off...Barry, select some great photos!

Bigwom said...

I love the feel of this pic.